Getting started is easy.

We invented teledentistry - which is a fancy way of saying orthodontia (but without the braces, monthly office visits or paying a fortune). You simply book a free visit to a SmileShop near you to get a 3D scan of your teeth. After that, we send everything directly to you.


Up to 70% less than braces, plus monthly payment options available.**

Choose our single payment option of S$2,500 or our monthly payment plan of S$115/mo. for 24 months. Either way, you can get started with a money-back guarantee.


More than a million satisfied grinners and counting.

A smile you love can mean a lifetime supply of confidence to be, well, you. We'll let the smiles speak for themselves.


Start today and you could be done in about 4-6 months.

Forget the torturous treatment time of braces. Our average treatment plan gets you a smile you'll love 3x sooner.

Results to smile about.

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Get a smile you'll love with clear aligners sent directly to you. No braces. No monthly office visits. No paying a fortune.